At Colorado SEO, we focus on profitability optimization for online businesses. Our services lead to increased rankings, traffic, and profits for businesses. Case studies which exemplify our services are listed below.

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This Colorado-based ski rental company sought to increase the visibility of its site by making it more accessible to search engines, and therefore, more accessible to customers. This comparison shows analytics before and after we began work on their site. From this period, organic traffic visits increased 115% (97,211 versus 45,232). New visits increased 111% (65,760 versus 31,165). In addition, on site optimization helped to reduce the bounce rate of visitors by 83%.

Shopping_Mall_case_studyThis upscale shopping mall  located in the Beverly Hills / Los Angeles area sought to increase organic traffic to its website in support of a corporate wide expansion.  This 1st quarter year over year comparison shows an organic traffic increase of 36,095 visitors (114,735 vs 78,640), a 45.90% increase.

This clothing retailer sought to expand its shapewear collection to the male demographic by increasing its overall web and social media presence. This year-over-year comparison shows organic traffic visits increased 136% (22,342 versus 9,458) and new visits increased 133% (14,461 versus 6,199).

This Copper Mountain, Colorado resort sought to increase its brokerage representation of home owners by driving web traffic to its site. After enlisting our SEO services, this year-over-year comparison shows organic traffic visits increased by 502% (2,910 versus 483) and new visits increased by 477% (2,148 versus 372). Our on-site optimization helped to increase the average visit duration by 53%.

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