Enterprise SEO

An enterprise company is commonly a Fortune 1000 or a Global 2000 company. In other words, they are a major corporation. Enterprise SEO focuses more on the number of pages, specifically products and services, and less on the size of the company.

A website containing more than 1,000 products is usually an enterprise site. Enterprise SEO starts with relevant and intelligent keyword selection. The stress should be on selecting high and medium-tail keywords that create proper categories and subcategories and can be joined with other words to make long tail queries. Real enterprise content management systems help to create guidelines that set up pages and load them with content.


Performing SEO for a website containing hundreds or thousands of products is not an easy task, even with optimized templates and proper automation in place. Whether or not you are a Fortune 1000 company, you may still require Enterprise SEO if your site is large enough. Enterprise sites obtain links much quicker than smaller web properties thanks to higher budgets allowing them to create and promote remarkable content on a much greater scale. Competitive analysis activities in Enterprise SEO may be split into four areas: analyzing current competitors, discovering new entrants to the market, deconstructing their strategies and creating a plan to overcome their competitive advantage. It is crucial to track what your competitors are doing in order to secure and improve your market position.

Enterprise sites receive a large number of visits through branded searches. This is usually why they are poorly optimized for other keywords. Enterprise SEO requires you to focus on more than organic search. Collaborating with other departments, ensuring and promoting appropriate content optimizing and tagging and guaranteeing the unity of strategies and messages between a variety of social media accounts and third party directories are all crucial components of Enterprise SEO. Take your business to the next level with the help of COSEO.