Social Media Impacts SEO

Major search engines have jumped on the bandwagon and are now crawling social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for content. This represents a tremendous opportunity for your business. Optimizing your social media sphere is a powerful way to improve your SEO results. We can help.
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You need to think beyond cute cats and your kid’s soccer team. Now your social media presence plays a significant role in how your business ranks with the search engines. Colorado SEO can help you take full advantage of this opportunity. We offer strategies specific to social media platforms.

Google+  googleplus-icon

This is Google’s social media platform. These are the red balloons that pop up in the search results and on the Google map. They also show up first (usually) in mobile search results.

  • Google+ Local optimization, this includes the creation and optimization of a Google Places and a Google+ listing for your business.
  • Company and personal Google+ page optimization, and interlink your Google+ page and your website.
  • Google+ personal page authorship schema – the picture that appears next to a listing in Google search.
  • When applicable, we post on your behalf using hashtags (#), keywords, links and images; join industry relevant “communities”; and follow industry relevant posters, leaders, and influencers.

    Facebook  imageedit_1_6531820278

    Now you can make friends with the search engines too! Let us help you optimize your business Facebook page.

  • Optimize your custom header and profile image including use of keywords, links to other social media, NAP (name address phone number), custom header and profile images, as well as links to you business services and relevant information about the business for the consumer.
  • Keyword usage within the “about section”.
  • Provide and create custom tabs (with custom images) to link to the various pages on your website. This can be used to highlight a product/line of products, get them to a form page, or just link to the home page or any other page.
  • Add a Facebook social media icon and link to your page, and when applicable, post on your behalf, using hashtags (#), keywords, links and images.
  • LinkedIn  imageedit_3_3279664777

    You probably associate LinkedIn with business. Now you can associate it with search engine optimization, too. We can help!

  • Create a page business page from your personal page and optimize it with relevant businesses information.
  • Provide accurate NAP (name address phone number) and website links.
  • List services with relevant information, links, and keywords and create custom images for headers and profile photo.
  •  Add a LinkedIn social media icon and link to your webpage.
  • When applicable, we post on your behalf using industry relevant articles, keywords, links and images.

Optimizing your social media interaction is vital and takes time…Let us help you do it right and save you the time it takes.