Local Search Optimization

Chalk one up for the little guys.  Small and medium size businesses that is.   Search today is all about being local.  Your business may not be able to compete head to head with the big brands on a national level, but in your town you can own the market with local search optimization.  Denver SEO can show you how.
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Google has placed a local emphasis in search results based on the keyword terms. If you are looking for SEO consultants in Denver, you want a list of local SEO firms in the Denver area, not in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Google has figured that out and rewards local information in their search algorithm.  They are better able to detect when both search queries and information are local to the user.

Mobile Search Key Driver

Local search campaigns are ideal for capturing potential customers searching on mobile devices because they can get directions and call your business with a simple click. Searching for information on a smart phone has become the number one mobile browser activity according to comScore and it is expected to exceed desktop searches this year.  In fact, mobile search queries have grown 500% in the past two years.  And since mobile usually yields local results, Google+ optimization is now more important than ever.  Let our experienced Denver SEO experts show you how you can dominate local search results in your market.

Maps Are a Big Tool for Local Search Optimization.

Google +, formerly known as Google Places/Maps, is a powerful tool for local businesses to boost local search rankings and visibility with search engines. Google + has clearly become a key component of Local SEO and we have unlocked the secrets that will get you in the coveted “A-G” search results area, where most of the traffic occurs.

Local Keywords

Google can determine what kind of information you are looking for by the way you type in a keyword phrase.  The general rule of thumb is if it is small enough to be shipped then it is a national keyword.  Anything else falls into the local search category.  The more geographically specific the keyword phrase the more locally targeted the search results.  For example, if you are searching for wake boards, the results page will include information from across the nation.  However, if you are looking for a boat, then the search results will focus closer to home.  If you then type in “boats in Denver” you will get a list of boat dealers and other information targeted specifically to the Denver market.   An added benefit is that geographically specific keywords typically have lower competition and are usually searched on when people are ready to buy, which means they carry high-conversion rates.

By creating and optimizing listings in local search engines, your small business can own the search results in your market, often beating out larger national brands.