We talk about quality content and link building as being two important SEO strategies to help improve your search ranking. But, these are not two disparate strategies. They are two sides of the same coin. When you think about creating quality content you also want to be thinking about how the content will help with your link building strategy.   It’s kind of like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A sandwich made of either ingredient just feels like something is missing. But put the two together and you really have something. Add a glass of milk and it’s Nirvana.

Quality content attracts links, shares and of course traffic. As long as links and content are actually helpful to the intended audience, they will positively affect SEO and rankings.

Let’s look at a blog example. If you create a blog about SEO and post interesting topical content on a regular basis you create opportunities for people to share these stories on their own blogs or in their social media sphere. These are then shared again. Each time linking back to the original content on your website. These are natural inbound links and are viewed very favorably by the search algorithms.

Quality content may also give a website that you have been targeting for a link incentive to grant it by giving the webmaster a tangible reason to link to you. If the content on your website somehow enhances the user experience of their website, there is incentive to give you the inbound link.

Think of your SEO strategy as an entire ecosystem, rather than a list of individual tactics. When they all work together, great things can happen.