An effective marketing mix will incorporate both pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization into the mix along with other tactics. Landing pages play an integral role in both PPC and SEO. However, they require different types of landing pages to be successful.

The difference comes down to the expectation and intent of the visitor. PPC landing pages are decidedly more of a sales pitch. You grabbed their attention through an ad so it is likely they are in the market to buy or do something. PPC landing pages are short on content and long on graphics and bells and whistles. You want to talk about product and pricing right up front. Information should match the expectation set forth in the PPC ad. Don’t make them have to click further to get the basic information — make it quick and easy to find. Then give the visitor a clear path to get more information through straight forward but limited navigation to your main website.   If they have to think or hunt around, they will be gone in a flash and head back to their search query.

Organic SEO landing pages on the other hand are much more keyword content driven. These visitors are likely looking for information and research. On these pages you want to stay focused on the keyword topic, without keyword stuffing. They should be written in a natural language and answer the question asked in the search query. From an SEO standpoint, you want to make sure the information is relevant, well written and of value to the searcher. It should also be optimized for maximum click through rate. Take full advantage of the Meta data to help entice more clicks. All of this will help your landing page rank higher and help drive more traffic. It is still important to include a call to action and establish a clear path of where you want the visitor to go next to improve conversion rate.


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