There are many reasons to redesign your website. Even more these days now that Google is putting such a premium on site usability as a ranking factor. There are also many reasons for getting your SEO involved from the very beginning. Perhaps none more important that to maintain your ranking through the redesign.

User demands change and evolve as the Internet evolves. It is a good idea to update your website and at times do an entire redesign. When you embark on a redesign project you have a tremendous opportunity to fix structural and organization issues as well. SEO has changed a great deal from the last time you did a site design. You may not have been working with an expert SEO at the time and may have missed many opportunities to optimize your website. Now is your chance to make it right going forward. Designers make the site pretty and work for the end users. SEOs make the site pretty and usable for the search engines. Both are important audiences that cannot be overlooked.

You have hopefully been diligently working on improving your sites search ranking. As you go through a redesign it is critical to make sure you maintain that ranking through the changes. This requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Take the time on the front end to plan the new site structure –it will make a huge difference on the back end. For example, connecting content with a proper URL structure will create better organized content and enhance search performance. You want to pay particular attention how you go about changing URLs. You have a whole history of inbound links that need to be managed or you’ll end up with a mess of broken links and trigger not found errors, which both users and Google don’t like.

Any change to your website should be well thought out and planned.



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