Be careful what you wish for when it comes to Google. Many people have been hoping that Google would update its Penguin algorithm more frequently. Updates allowed webmasters and SEOs to know if the changes they have implemented to fix penalties have made a difference and helped improve ranking. Historically, algorithm updates have taken many months and even longer.

When the Penguin update was rolled out in October, Google claimed that these updates would be more frequent and leaders in the SEO world hoped that was true. Well, now we are seeing what Google meant by more often. It will be interesting to see if the industry still sees more frequent updates as a good thing.

The Penguin algorithm is Google’s spam fighting filter. Sites that get hit can receive massive penalties. There are ways to fix problems that lead to the penalties with Google, but you have to wait until the next Penguin update to have the penalties lifted. This is where the increased frequency should help.

Trouble is the timing of these more frequent updates has violated Google’s own promise to avoid updates during the critical holiday season. reports that there were what the publication considers to be significant updates on Thanksgiving Day, December 2, 5 and 6. All dates fall in the “no updates in the holiday period” zone.

The ground continues to shift and stay fluid when it comes to algorithm changes. Be sure to communicate with your SEO expert regularly to understand the impacts of a more frequent update schedule.