You really are marketing to two audiences. Your customers (existing and potential) and Google (and the other search engines). You market to your customers via a wide range of marketing strategies including advertising, public relations, social media and email to name a few. You market to Google largely via SEO strategies. This of course is a circular and symbiotic relationship. Because the reason to market to Google is to target your customers and potential customers.

Cross promotion has been an effective sales strategy for a long time. We use PR to help drive social media activity which then improves the views and click throughs we get in our advertising.   One area of cross promotion that has gotten less attention is using email marketing to drive social media shares which then increase relevance with Google and improves search results. This circles back to more web traffic and the cycle continues.

Google has placed a higher value and importance on quality and relevant content. We spend a great deal of time and money to generate unique and engaging content, but are we doing enough to promote it to Google? Usually, we post information and then take a very passive wait and hope approach. We hope Google likes it and that will be reflected in our rankings. Why not tip the scales in your favor?

Email is a great way to promote your content and get the social media buzz going. Let’s say you post a story on your blog about using SEO strategies to drive traffic and conversion rates. Why not email a link to the story to your target customer list and encourage them to read the story and share it or comment on it. This cross promotion will enhance the number of shares and comments the article receives which are important ranking factors to Google.

We are great promoters of our products and services. Putting that talent to work promoting your content as well can indirectly help boost your search engine rankings.