All of a sudden the Internet has gotten a lot smaller. No longer is it about being a global entity. Now, the Pigeon update has made it about local, local, local. This rise of hyper localization shines an even bigger light on the need to hyper optimize your website to help improve search rankings.

The Pigeon update has shrunk the radius of search down to the neighborhood level. Recent reports have demonstrated this change in action. Top search results are starting to cluster by neighborhood rather than a larger geographic area.

That means optimizing for “Denver SEO firm”, now needs to be “Downtown Denver SEO firm”, or “LoDo SEO firm”

So now is the time to begin including neighborhood indicators in your SEO strategy.

Pigeon has also given a boost to directories like Yelp, so make sure you are listed in these directories at a local level. Make your content local focused. When you engage in your social media strategy, keep it local. And, make sure your on-page SEO tactics have a local focus as well.

One thing that is easy to overlook is your address. If you have a P.O. Box listed on your website, Google does not consider it to be an accurate physical location. You may want to also include your street address. List your local phone number as well as the toll-free number as a way to help Google understand where you are located. Including directions to your physical address can teach search engines how to find you as well.