In its ongoing efforts to make Yahoo more relevant, the company announced it is dropping its Yahoo Directory after more than 20 years of existence.   This was the SEO industry go-to for many years. If you wanted to be found on the Internet, you needed to be included in the Yahoo Directory. The fastest way to be included in the directory was a closely guarded secret much in the same way the search algorithms are kept under wraps.

This is yet another reminder that the Internet is a living and evolving being. Yahoo’s announcement stated it will also sunset its Qwiki and Yahoo Education products as well.

The reason for the change comes down to focus and staying relevant in a changing world. “At Yahoo, focus is an important part of accomplishing our mission: to make the world’s daily habits more entertaining and inspiring,” according to Jay Rositer, Yahoo SVP, Cloud Platform Group. The company has sunset more than 60 products and services in the past two years freeing up resources to invest in products today’s users care about. “With even more smart, innovative Yahoos focused on our core products – search, communications, digital magazines, and video – we can deliver the best for our users,” Rositer added.

It doesn’t come as a shock that the once dominant Yahoo Directory is going by the wayside. But it’s worth taking a moment to recognize the importance it once had and realizing how much the SEO world had changed especially with rise of Google.