The many billions of webpages that constitute the Internet are all connected via links. This is the glue that holds it all together and makes it possible to navigate between, and within websites. Link building is a major part of any successful SEO strategy and the key to ranking at the top of the search engines. Deep links are what makes it possible to get to what you are looking for rather than just landing on a company’s home page. Google likes deep links because it helps them achieve their quest for delivering the most relevant information to a user’s search query.

We have gotten spoiled as consumers. We expect to be able to find what we are searching for in the fewest clicks possible. We don’t like to spend time rooting around a website to try and find what we are looking for. You can even say we’ve gotten lazy. If we don’t see what we want in a few seconds, we move on. This is why bounce rates can be so high. Deep links can help take your users directly to what they are looking for and greatly enhance the user experience. Both are good for your users and good for your ranking as Google rewards sites that offer a strong user experience. Remember your users are also Google’s users.

Simply put, deep links direct visitors to pages within a website rather than the home page.

Deep linking can also be applied to offline marketing and promotions as well. Consider where you direct customers and potential new customers through your advertising campaigns. How often do you simply put the main web address at the bottom of your ads? For example, many advertisers will say for more information go to This takes visitors to the home page and forces them to hunt until they find what you were advertising. A much better approach is to take them deeper into the website to the product or service you were advertising by using a deep link such as This does two things. It allows you to better track the source of the inbound traffic for measuring advertising effectiveness and, more importantly, it takes your customers right where they want to be and makes it easy for them to buy.

Remember deep linking when you are creating your apps as well. Google recently began indexing apps just like websites. Deep links to your apps will appear in their search results, allowing users to see and easily find content within your app. Studies show that more than 85% of mobile time is spent in apps.   Adding deep links to your apps makes it much easier and more effective to capitalize on mobile’s potential in any marketing channel—e-mail, display, social, search engine marketing, SEO, even traditional media.


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