You look at your analytic report and see a huge spike in traffic. It seems like all the SEO tactics you have put in place are starting to pay off. But are they? Traffic alone is not the end all to be all for a successful SEO campaign.

Are you also seeing a corresponding increase in conversion?   Are people engaging with your website, or are they gone in a flash? If not, it is quite possible that you are attracting the wrong kind of traffic. There is a disconnect with the people you are attracting and what they are expecting to find when they reach your site.

This could be the result of a poorly designed site the makes it difficult for people to navigate and easily find what they are looking for so they simply move on or bounce. It could be that this was not really what they were looking for in the first place due to optimizing for the wrong keywords.

It is important to look beyond web traffic statistics to really know if your SEO strategy is successful. Look at bounce rate and conversion rate as two important metrics of success. If people leave the site right away, this is a clue that something is wrong. Investigate. If they stay on the site for a bit, but don’t do anything like fill out a form, request a report, or buy something, this is a clue something is wrong. Investigate.

SEO experts will tell you to always question and look deeper into the numbers. Why is something working? Is it really working? Why is something not working? What has changed with the search algorithms? SEO is a long-term process that requires constant attention. But like raising children, today’s effort provides great rewards down the road.