Google wants inbound links and other content to come from an “authoritative place” to help them determine its credibility and subsequently your website’s credibility.  But how does one determine what an authoritative place is?

Think about the tree falling in the woods.  If no one pays attention, then does it make a sound?  Well you could be the foremost expert on SEO in the Denver area, but if no one knows about your firm or substantiates your claims then are you really an authority?  You cannot self determine authority; it is determined by those around you.

Why do we tend to trust big name cancer centers more than an unknown clinic in South America?  When looking for cancer treatment options, we want verifiable proof that they know what they are doing and can help you or your loved one fight cancer.  You would look for articles on breakthrough techniques and research they’re conducting, certifications, percentage of success, testimonials from other patients.  You might event search for positive and negative articles and blogs written about the center.  By providing information to verify your claims, you are establishing yourself as an expert.  When lots of other “experts” and people agree then you become an authority.