Consumer Research

Smart marketers are enlisting the help of Denver SEO services firms to help them optimize their websites. What is website optimization? It is the process of making sure a website has the correct features and characteristics so that Google and other search engines rank them prominently.

Studies show that many people use the Internet to research different companies and services before they make a decision which one to use. That is why it is important that a firm takes steps to be found when consumers are searching for their product or service.
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Internet specialists call it “search engine optimization.” For example, a business offering dog training services can improve the visibility of their site by adding valuable content. They might explain what makes a good dog trainer, how to find dog training experts, how long it takes to train a dog, how to train different breeds, how to evaluate a quote for dog training, and more. Google recognizes that the website is a valuable resource for consumers so they put them at the top of the rankings.

Social Signals

Another consideration is that Google is increasingly looking at social media to determine if a website should be ranked high. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have grown rapidly. Anytime a company is mentioned by users of social media sites, Google gives that site higher rankings.

If the company is talked about by consumers in social media, the website has influence and is useful to consumers. For that reason,  an expert Denver SEO consultant will recommend that their clients stay active in social media. Toward that end, many firms are maintaining Facebook fan pages. Others companies might send out regular Twitter updates about their products and services.

Quality Links

Experienced Denver SEO consultants also recommend that clients take steps to encourage other websites to link to their site. The reason is that Google ranks a site partially on how many other sites link to it. Each link is considered a “vote.” More votes mean that many different people consider the site a valuable resource and it deserves a high ranking.

All these services may sound expensive. However, there are different levels of investment. Denver SEO experts will provide a quote so that prospective clients can determine what fits in their budget. Search engine optimization techniques require expert handling. The result is higher rankings, more prospects, better customers, and increased sales.

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